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AXXE reminds us of one of our biggest recent winners, PMCB.

PMCB had traded sideways around .10c for a while with solid trading activity ant interest before taking off and hitting a high of .26c during a multi week run!

AXXE has traded as high as .35c this year and has made some nice moves during the year, including a recent 200% multi day run from .06 to .18c, fortunately, it hasnt been able to hold its gains and is sitting just under .09c a share now.  

Axxess Pharma Inc. is a Nevada Corporation operating through its wholly owned Canadian Subsidiary: Axxess Pharma Canada Inc., headquartered in Toronto. Axxess is a specialty Health Care Products Company dedicated to improving health and quality of life by offering select medicines, nutritional supplements and over the counter remedies all across the Americas. Axxess’s goal is to bring additional products to the market and provide new, innovative options for better health spanning areas such as high cholesterol, blood pressure, acute pain — to optimal health management through improved nutritional supplements.

AXXE is a licensee for the TapouT brand and the company has been distributing its own Tapout-branded line of muscle supplements and pain relief supplements. AXXE has just released news this morning! AXXE signs major manufacturing, marketing and distribution agreement with Chinese manufacturer.

Under the agreement, Tong will be launching its own brand of products using Axxess’ patented formula. Tongs products will be sold online, world-wide and in select retail outlets. Axxess Pharma projects minimum sales of $525,000 USD in the first year and $4,308,000 USD in the initial 5 year term of the license.

“This deal represents a major milestone for Axxess Pharma, and validates the value of our Intellectual Property. Revenues are expected to begin in the third quarter 2015 and accelerate year over year.” stated Dr. Bagi President of Axxess Pharma Inc.

AXXE’s largest development was its recent FDA approval to sell omega 3 fish oil, muscle growth, muscle recovery supplements and turbo blend protein power on March 16th, 2015.  

Axxess’s FDA approval will not only allow this new line of products to be distributed nationally into big box retail chain stores, but will also facilitate entry into more regulated markets such as Mexico and other foreign jurisdictions. Axxess expects the latest FDA approval to accelerate the pace of current overseas sales.Management is now projecting, year over year sales from March 2015 to March 2016 of $2.5M.

Dr. Daniel Bagi, President of Axxess Pharma, Inc. stated: “We are very excited to receive FDA approval to sell our latest line of all-natural TapouT supplements and protein powders within the US. Our all-natural products will be sold under the globally recognized name TapouT, and will have the words ‘FDA Approved’ on every label. Our unique high potency Omega-3 fish oil supplements is anticipated to be one of our top sellers both in the US and internationally.”

On April 15th AXXE provided a shareholder update.  

Below are the additional accomplishments by Axxess Pharma in 2015.

  • Signed major promotional deal with ROC Nation. Under the agreement AllStar Health Brands partnered with Roc Nation Sports on their first three boxing events under the throne boxingbanner. The first event took place at Madison Square Garden on Jan 9. Axxess Pharma and Roc Nation Sports will work together to promote the TapouT Muscle product line and throne boxing events.
  • Received approval by a major Canadian distributor to sell Muscle Spray and TapouT Pain relief Towelettes to over 2,000 independent pharmacies across Canada. This represents approximately ten percent of all Canadian pharmacies.
  • Received FDA approval from the United States to sell TapouT high potency Omega-3 fish oil, Muscle Growth, Muscle Recovery supplements and Turbo Blend Protein Powders in overseas markets where enhanced regulatory approvals are necessary.
  • Management is now preparing to launch their latest round of all-natural products by the third quarter of 2015, which are the Ready to Drink Protein Shakes and Protein Bars. These products are expected to be the biggest sellers in 2016. The products are flavor-tested, contain high protein content, lactose free, gluten free and have less than one gram of sugar.

On April 16th, AXXE announced its partner Roc Nation Sports would promote its TapouT vitamins and supplements product line on Fox Sports 1, nationally telivised throne boxing event on April 17th, 2015.
Under the partnership, Axxess Pharma and Roc Nation Sports work together to promote the TapouT Muscle product line and throne boxing events. Axxess believes this partnership will be a major factor in generating exposure on a grand scale and further increasing the reach of its product line into big-box retail stores across the United States.


Due to the vast amount of information available for this company we feel it would be hard to cover every single detail so here are some links to continue your DD with:

AXXE continues to be one of the more actively traded OTC stocks with one heck of a story.  Its amazing it has managed to stay so cheap even after the FDA approval of its products.

AXXE has shown what it can do just 1 month ago when it flew 200% in a few days.

With all of these great developments and AXXE anticipating sales from March 2015 to March 2016 to reach 2.5M, how can you not be excited for the future of AXXE?

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