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Professional Soccer Play:

Oxford City Football

Undiscovered, overlooked company – what we
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OXFC – Last Price = .027

April 15th, 2015:

Welcome trader! Today we are introducing an exciting IPO-style alert. This nickel priced company has a very short trading history, so the potential for being “before for the crowd” is greater than ever. We say “IPO-style” because this play is trading below everyone’s radar, and the time to get the word out is NOW.

In this report we are going to dig deep into OXFC’s financial reports, corporate insiders, and publicly-listed peers. We are happy to say that there is no previous history of awareness or promotion. We have laid out everything the company has stated in an easy-to-read package.

Our new top penny stock to watch is:

OXFC – Oxford City Football

Football in Europe is absolutely insane! The common term for the sport in America is Soccer – and that is what Oxford City Football (OXFC) represents – the holdings of a PROFESSIONAL soccer team playing in the “Conference North” of the England Football Conference.

Oxford City FC is a professional outdoor soccer team, which competes in the “Conference North” of the English Football Association under the name Oxford City Football Club. The team has been in existence for 132 years, being established in 1882. The Conference North, and its member clubs, are collectively able to compete for the prestigious English FA Cup, against some of the best English teams in the world for this championship trophy.

OXFC trades on the highest OTC tier, known as the OTCQB. Now is your chance to evaluate NICKEL-PRICED OXFC before anyone else.

The Company owns five (5) professional sports teams that are currently active and the rights to two (2) other expansion teams.

    1. Previously mentioned Oxford City Football Club is their top team, which competes in the “Conference North” of the English Football Association and has been in existence for 132 years.
    1. Oxford City Nomads is the Company’s 2nd professional outdoor soccer team, which competes in the “Hellenic Premier League” of the English Football Association under the name Oxford City Nomads.
    1. Oxford City Futsal is the Company’s 1st professional indoor soccer team, which competes in the “Futsal Premier League” of the English Futsal under the name Oxford City Futsal.
    1. Oxford City Major Arena Soccer League Franchise is the Company’s 1st professional team in the United States, which competes in the “MASL” under the name Oxford City. The MASL is the highest level of professional indoor soccer in North America, with teams from Mexico, Canada, and the US competing for the MASL Cup. The Company has also reserved the rights to additional home territories of Sioux Falls, South Dakota and South, Florida in the Major Arena Soccer League.
  1. Oxford City FC Basketball is the Company’s professional basketball team, which competes in the “EBL” of the English Basketball League under the name Oxford City Basketball.

Before we go over the company’s other assets lets take a quick look at their financial report.

The company doesn’t end their “year” on the last calendar day in December, instead OXFC’s fiscal year ends on June 30th, the middle of the year (the entire 12 months ending June 30th, 2014).


Year Ended June 30, 2014 Year Ended June 30, 2013


OXFC makes money in five different ways. We dug up this information directly from their last annual report.

  • Executive Training Program revenue
  • Hourly rental of facilities
  • Admission to sporting events
  • Food and beverage revenue
  • Sponsorship revenue

We want you all to begin your research on OXFC and add it to the top of your watchlist IMMEDIATELY! Don’t forget how little trading history OXFC has. Once OXFC’s story begins to spread, prices may be in a different price channel.

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Other Publicly Traded Futbol Teams:

Billions in “old money” sits within many professional soccer clubs. We are going to briefly take a look at other companies related to OXFC. You may have heard of several of these stock/teams/companies before.

These prices are from as of 4/15/15. We’ve also included the market capitalization for each.

OXFC Mega Public “Competitors”:


Ticker Company Name Stock Price Valuation
OXFC Oxford City Football (OTC) $0.027 $588 K
JUVE Juventus (FTSE/Italy) $0.34 $341 M
ASR AS Roma (FTSE/Italy) $0.58 $218 M
FCPP FC Porto (Portugal) $0.69 $10.4 M
AJAX AFC Ajax (Amsterdamn) $9.79 $170 M
MANU Manchester United (NYSE) $16.04 $2.6 B
CCP Celtic Football Club (London) $76.38 $71 M


Earlier we mentioned the five ways OXFC generates revenues. We found elaborate explanations in the company’s last 10-K Annual Report. Below is a summary of all of OXFC’s operations:

Ticket Sales – Oxford City FC in England, ticket sales have seen an increase from 2013 at $52,725 to $59,726 in 2014. All tickets can be purchased at Oxford City Stadium. Oxford City FC anticipates that this increase in ticket sales will continue as the Club challenges for promotion out of the English FA Conference North. Ticket prices for regular season home games during the 2014-2015 season are expected to range from $18.73 to $10.22 per game and the average ticket price is $14.47.

Oxford City FC of Texas has a contract with Ticketmaster, a national ticket outlet, for single game ticket sales other than ticket sold onsite at Fords Arena. Ticket prices for regular season home games during the 2014-2015 are expected to range from $10.00 to $15.00 per game and the average ticket price is $12.50.

Oxford City Stadium, England

Concessions The Company has the exclusive right to operate all Oxford City Stadium concessions, including private room and catering, and to receive all concession revenues. In Texas the Company has an agreement for use of Ford Arena and we do not receive any of the concession revenue. In both venues the Company keeps 100% of the merchandise sold.

Merchandise Sales. The Company offers team oriented clothing items and novelties online and at Oxford City Stadium and Ford Arena. At Oxford City Stadium and Ford Arena, the Company operates a full-service Team Shop that is open during games.

Local Television and Radio. Many Oxford City FC games are broadcast on local radio on BBC Radio. In 2014, there will be a total of 42 games in England. In Texas there will be 20 regular season games. OXFC expects to have a minimum of 3 games throughout the season to be televised for the 2014-2015 season.

Advertising and Corporate Sponsorship. The Company typically coordinates the sale of advertising with the sale of advertising at locations in both Oxford City Stadium in England and at Ford Arena in Texas, including space on the main scoreboard, ancillary scoreboards, outfield walls and concourse signage. Advertising is sold in game programs and on the Club’s Internet website. The Company also licenses the Club’s name and logo in connection with corporate sponsorships and promotions globally. The Company has increased the advertising and corporate sponsorship revenue significantly. It has increased to $48,419 in 2014, compared to $31,187 in 2013.

Rental Income of Venue. The revenue generated from Oxford City Stadium and the Oxford City 3G Training Facility has increased to $424,465 in 2014 from $338,607 in 2013. This rental income is expected to increase significantly in 2015.

In April 2015 the Company expects to initiate new ground improvements to Oxford City Stadium. A new 3G turf field is expected to increase rental income by at least 50% according to the Company’s projections. In addition the Company is planning to establish one of the largest indoor sports facility in all of Oxfordshire. This new facility will be the home to both Oxford City Futsal and Oxford City Basketball. The facility will also provide several additional fields, offices, and a restaurant that will increase the Company’s rental income.

Prize Money & Program Sales. In 2014 Oxford City FC earned $22,054 in prize money verse 2013’s $28,118 in prize money. Program sales were $6,302 in 2013 and 2014.

OXFC CEO (right) and Texas/CIT Uniform

Player Contracts and Salaries. Player salaries constitute the Club’s single largest item of expense. Both the English FA and the MASL require each team to enter into a uniform player contract with each of its players. Player contracts may be for single-year or multi-year terms. The Company is not obligated to continue to pay players under single-year or multi-year contracts if the player resigns, breeches team or organizational rules, or refuses to play.

As you can see, OXFC offers much more information than your typical pinksheet. It is not often we see this much info in a quarterly/annual report coming out of such a small company, so we are hopeful OXFC blooms into something special.

OXFC Quote Summary


Ticker OXFC
Price $0.027
Market Cap $588,000
Shares Outstanding 21.8M
Shares in Float 7.7M


Let’s take a minute to go over the CEO’s accomplishments.

Oxford City Football Club, Inc. is led by CEO Thomas Anthony Guerriero, a world-renowned value investor, published author, and diplomatic advisor on economic and fiscal policy. His background in business, higher education, and sports makes him equipped to create top-notch university programs. Not only is Guerriero a former professional soccer player, but he also has several degrees from top-tier universities. He holds a master’s degree from Harvard University, graduate certificates from Boston University and the University of Notre Dame, and bachelor degrees from Fairleigh Dickinson University and Thomas Edison State.

In business, Guerriero has established a reputation for being driven and having a strong work ethic. He was the youngest senior vice president at First Union in their 90-year history and worked as a CEO for both TAA and Global Wealth. While leading these companies, Guerriero also began writing books. He became a published author after writing “How to Understand and Master the Stock Market”, “How to Understand and Master Securities Laws & Regulations”, “Plan for Crisis”, and “Military Involvement and Trade Treaties: Exploring the Differences in Military Involvement of the United States in Foreign Countries, Post-Trade Treaty”.

After securing a wealth of experience in business, Guerriero decided to take his talents to the world of sports and acquire professional sports teams. This passion for sports led him to becoming the owner of an NBA D league team. In Guerriero’s first season as owner, the team won the Eastern Conference Championship for the first time in the biggest turn around in NBA D League history. This success made his vision even more clear. Guerriero decided to continue pursuing sports management with the intent to achieve something unique in professional sports and business. This was the seed that grew into Guerriero’s diversified holding company, OXFC.

2nd Revenue Stream: CIT University

The OXFC Academic Portfolio owns a diversified portfolio of academic institutions. OXFC owns CIT University in the US, which has designed and completed their first Master’s Degree Program in Sports Management, which they plan to partner with an accredited university to deliver the degree program globally online. The Company also owns Oxford City Sports College in Oxford England, which expects the strong ties in Oxford to strategically put the College in a tremendous position for the future.

CIT is anticipating to partner with some of the leading universities in the world.

CIT University has developed proprietary intellectual property in the field of higher education. The Master’s Program CIT developed will provide men and women the opportunity to earn their master’s degree in sports management and practically apply their knowledge and ideas in professional sports. CIT does not anticipate taking on students but rather enter into strategic partnerships with accredited universities in the near term to utilize our proprietary software, intellectual property, and programs.

The students who complete CIT programs at one of the partner universities will be given the opportunity to work with one of Oxford City’s professional sports teams with their research to get that first hand practical experience.

That wraps up our report on

OXFC: Oxford City Football

We want all members to continue their research right away. One look into OXFC’s trading history and you will see what we mean when we say “IPO-style”. We are literally the first to feast our eyes on this exciting OTCQB company. We are looking at everything as a whole and find it amazing that this company is at just .027 per share.

What are your thoughts? Have you considered OXFC yet?

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